The best crystal shop in SW Florida!

An amazing selection of crystals and minerals coupled with a knowledgeable staff make Spirit of the Earth THE place to shop for crystals

Our team of gemologists have spent decades traveling the world to find the best rocks and minerals.  Our goal is to get as close to the actual source as possible.  Best selection, best pick and best price.  Life is too short for second rate crystals!

We carry a full line of crystals.  Our selection of Lemurian Crystals is outstanding.  But get here quick as they are selling fast.  If you are into Faden quartz we have a size for every need.  Our large specimen crystals are breath taking and a welcome addition to any home.  We have sold quite a few of the large Amethyst Cathedrals, and yes, we can deliver these to your home.  (They weigh over 120 Pounds and are that deep juicy grape juice purple!   We carry a nice line of medium size amethyst clusters from Brazil, again of the quality color and crystal formation.  Septarian Dragon eggs have all sold out but we are getting more in!   We carry the Himalayan Salt lamps to make your home cozy and stress free.

What would a rock shop be without a nice variety of tumble stones.  We hand pick each one for quality, color and size!   We have a variety of items for your smudging needs.  The nice White sage bundles, Cedar Leaf bundles as well as Palo Santos wood.  We have a pre packaged starter kit with a variety of smudges as well as the shells, feathers and instructions.

Large Fuschite, huge Selenite windows for display, selenite spheres, Pyrite in its natural state and some of the largest Pyrite suns we have seen.

For the avid collector we carry a world class, hand picked collection of Prehinite.  Not the small variety but the nice bubbly prehinite everyone hopes to find.

Our Petrified wood selection is varied.  Anything from the large spheres to branches and slabs.  We searched for the prime specimens with the vivid reds, purples and browns.  A few have crystals which set up in the wood for an added surprise.

Last summer our gemological team visited the mines of the Dominican Republic in search of Larimar.  We returned with many world class slabs, cabochons, and jewelry.  Come and see what true Larimar is supposed to look like!