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Buying that first Crystal

I get this question a lot.   “I am just learning about crystals and minerals. How do I know which crystal is right for me?”

Crystals come in many shapes, sizes, colors and qualities.  On entering a shop which sell crystals it can be very intimidating.  No one wants to look confused, or overwhelmed with their purchase, it’s a very personal occasion.  Your purchase begins before you even enter a shop.

Decide in your mind your budget.

Mull over in your mind what purpose this stone will fulfill.  Is it to decorate your home or office?  Is it for meditation?  Or are you looking to start a modest or large collection of crystals and stones?

Invest in a book on crystals and minerals.  Most written periodicals contain factual information.  I’ve seen some wild things on the internet with manufactured stones, made up names, and made up qualities.  Over the years we have witnessed stones grown in a back room of a building, items glued together, plastic stones, and many others that simply defy logic.  If a seller discloses these qualities to you that is fine.  The problem comes when they don’t.   It is not unusual for a rock to be dyed to make it more attractive to consumers.  But it needs to be disclosed to the buyer.

Make a visit to the crystal and gem shop.   Nothing is more important than evaluating your item first hand.  Buy from a reliable seller.

View the variety of crystals they have available.  Ask questions about qualities and variety.  Most crystal shop owners enjoy discussing their product line.  Many of the items that Spirit of the Earth sells, we know the person who pulled it from the Earth!

If you see a crystal that catches your eye hold it in your Hands.  Walk about with it.  How does it make you “feel”?  Some customers report a vibration, a warm feeling, a feeling of happiness and calm.   This may be “their stone”  Some stones invite you to gaze deep within them as you investigate their inner phantoms, healing marks, their various features that tell the story of their “life”   Yes, crystals do live, grow, break and heal themselves.  Some bend to nature and some overcome obstacles.  No wonder we as humans invite them into our lives?

Once you have chosen your crystal, be it a point, a cluster, a huge specimen or a tiny pocket crystal be certain to place it in the perfect spot in your life.  This life partner deserves to interact with you and your family.  It has tales to tell!


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