Solar System Ladies Bracelet



Our Solar System Bracelet symbolizes you as the sun and everything else that surrounds you as other planets, resulting in positive energy. Wear this bracelet knowing that You are your own powerful star, releasing positive, powerful energy to everyone and everything around you. Each element of the solar system is associated with the beauty and color of a natural stone
Neptune : Lapis Lazuli
Uranus: Cat’s Eye
Jupiter: Tiger’s Eye
Mars: Red Agate
Earth: Turquoise
Moon: Opalite
Venus: Cats Eye
Mercury: Moonstone
Universe: Blue Sand Stone

These bracelets make a brilliant solar system gift for a friend or family member, and of course, they’re a great tool for you to utilize the power of the planets to assist in your own life. The strong mix of healing gemstones, combined with the symbolism of space, makes these solar system bracelets the ideal item of jewelry. They’re fashionable, tell a story, and can be used for any occasion, in any season!

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Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions3 × 4 × 3 in


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