Natural African Citrine 2 inches


Natural Citrine Crystal from Africa.  Measures 2 inches by 6/8 inches .  Weighs in at 25 grams


Natural African Citrine. No Heat

Natural Citrine Crystal from Africa.  Measures 2 inches by 6/8 inches .  Weighs in at 25 gramsThis crystal has two extra points snugged up along side symbolizing family with an extra natural facet to the top which signifies “looking to the future”   A fabulous collectors piece for your collection.

Natural Citrine from Mansa District, Luapula Province, Zambia, gem quality with exceptional clarity, contains a deep honey coloring from natural formation, a rarity for Citrine as most in the world is from heat treatment. Zambian Citrine is a prize of local people who take pride in sharing their crystals with small purveyors around the world.

This material was ethically sourced from our contacts in Africa who own several mines.  (These are family owned mines handed down among the generations.  Their material is fabulous!)

Meditation with Citrine brings warmth, clarity and inspiration. A good mantra to use with Citrine crystal meditation is: “I am Light, I spread Light.” This emanates vibrancy, and will assist in you in bringing energy flow to soul, mind and creativity.

Known to draw good luck and wealth.

Citrine is only one of two crystals that naturally wards of negativity and does not require energetic cleansing (the other being Kyanite). Highly tuned to balance the yin-yang energies, Citrine is excellent worn as an amulet. 

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