Large Tampa Bay Agatized Coral Pair SOLD


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This is a locally harvested Tampa Bay Coral, also known as agatized Coral and is ethically harvested.   This is a large specimen which has been split open to reveal the fabulous interior.

Lots of steel blue nodules and yellow nodules.  One side measures 13 inches the other 8 inches.

Fossil Agatized Coral is Florida’s state stone. The species of coral for the state stone is Montastrea.

It is about 25-38 million years old and from the Oligocene-Miocene period. These fossils are found in a variety of colors- white, gray, brown, black, yellow and red. Different trace minerals in the agate create these colors.

Much of these fossils have been found in the Tampa Bay area, near the Ballast Point.

However, more have been found, recently, in North Florida on the Withlacoochee River, in Madison County, Florida.

These excellent prehistoric fossils are sought after by collectors of all types.

You will receive this exact item which consists of two halves of a Tampa Bay Agatized Coral

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Weight1.8 lbs
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