Indigo Gabbro Sphere


Crystals have natural variations in color, style, and size. Buyer will receive a hand-selected sphere which may appear different from those pictured.

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Indigo Gabbro Sphere

Indigo Gabbro, also known as Mystic Merlinite is a combination mineral discovered in Madagascar. It is formed by molten magma trapped beneath the Earth’s surface that cools into a crystalline mass. It is a combination of several minerals that include Chlorite, Muscovite, Serpentine, Feldspar and Magnetite among others. This creates a synergistic affect that helps to connect us to our higher self.

Other Properties:

  • Good at strengthening and balancing our third eye and root chakras, but also of all the primary chakras.
  • Carries an energy reminiscent of Merlin the magician and can be a very helpful stone for practicing magic and performing spells.
  • Helps us connect and fully integrate our shadow self, the part of us that we would normally rather not see. By integrating and fully accepting the light and the darkness in us, we can work towards becoming fully integrated.
  • Help us access mystical realms and also to communicate better with plants, animals and other crystals.
  • Protection and grounding energy, which allows you to access mystical realms while remaining grounded on the Earth.
  • Promotes the development of our innate psychic abilities and is a great stone to use for spiritual evolution.
  • Help awaken talents and gifts stemming from previous lives.
  • Helps us see and release non-serving patterns.

Indigo Gabbro Sphere Sizes

Sphere Sizes

[50-70 mm around 2-3 “es/aka Medium]

[70-90 mm around 3-4 “es/aka Large]

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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