Blue Goldstone Pendant


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Blue Goldstone Pendant measures 1 1/2 inches.  Features a secure silver cap.  Comes with an 18 inch black cord necklace.

Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone. Its sparkle comes from flecks of copper. In crystal healing it is said to be the stone of confidence and ambition, encouraging motivation and drive. It has a positive attitude; it is an uplifting stone. Goldstone is said to promotes vitality.

Benefits, Power and Energy. Goldstone is a gemstone that helps the wearer to attain his goal with less effort. … The metaphysical properties of copper is well composed in goldstone that strengthen the circulatory system, bones and lowers down the pain that is caused due to arthritis.

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Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 4 in


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