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A beginners guide to choosing the “Right Crystal for you”

Of course, there are myriads of online shops and resources available, but if you’re just getting started, I would really recommend doing your “crystal shopping” in person. A picture on a screen offers no connection and disappointment can be the result.

Also, do your research. Is there something in particular you want to attract into your life, or just a general desire to supercharge your energy in all realms? From attracting love, money, and health to healing both physical and spiritual ailments, expanding the mind, and more –– whatever you’re looking for, trust me, there’s a crystal for that.

If you are drawn to a stone visually, there’s a reason for that. But what matters much more is how you resonate with it on an energetic level. So, pay attention to its size, shape, and color — how it catches your eye, how you can see it sparkle in the light — but be sure to hold it in your hands to really focus on how it feels.

After the stone has warmed to your temperature, you’ll be able to sense the energetic connection –– or not. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to go about this. It’s about what resonates.

Also, not everyone can feel a crystal’s pulse, but others will find that with time (and meditation) it’ll come.

Note: It’s important to remember that you will need to make the process of cleansing and recharging your crystals a regular occurrence! And that starts with the moment you add it to your collection, whether you’re starting from scratch or a regular hoarder of gems and minerals (hi, same).

Because crystals absorb energy, it’s crucial to cleanse them to clear them of any negativity or residual energy they’ve picked up before you took them home.

There are several ways to cleanse a crystal; again, it’s all about whatever method resonates most deeply with you! Using sage to “smudge” or cleanse the crystal with purifying smoke is a popular method. So, too, is harnessing the power of a full moon by placing your crystals out beneath its light overnight. Alternately, you can set your crystals out in the sunlight to recharge them as well.

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Healing properties of Labradorite

Labradorite, also known as Spectrolite, is a Feldspar mineral.  Labradorite in a white matrix is often called “Rainbow Moonstone“.

ChakrasThroat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra,  Crown Chakra
ZodiacLeo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Planet – Uranus
Element – Water
Typical colors – Pale green, blue, colorless, grey-white: with iridescent blue or gold flashes

A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.  It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies.  Excellent for strengthening intuition – promoting psychic abilities.  Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe.  It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

Labradorite treats disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety and stress.  It regulates metabolism, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension.  Labradorite treats colds, gout, and rheumatism, lowers blood pressure, and aids in digestion.

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Ocean jasper

Orbicular Ocean Jasper
Ocean Jasper is a rare mineral, mined in only one place in the world…The Mine of Marovato, on the Ambolobozo Peninsula in the north west corner of Madagascar. It is called Ocean Jasper because the deposits are part of the coastline, and can only be reached by boat, and removed only during low tide.

The Lapidary Journal reported this description:
“This new rock has been found along the northwest coast of Madagascar after years of unsuccessful searching.

The deposit formed as a rhyolite flow but has been completely silicified. The rhyolitic eyes or orbs come in an astonishing array of colors and color combinations.

The background can be white, pink, green, red, or yellow. Botryoidal formations as well as white and deep green druzy are also common.

The deposit has been discovered at the edge of the ocean. It can only be seen and collected at low tide. The area has no road so the material must be transported to civilization by boat.”

This stone is immediately recognizable by its concentric rings of color, earning at the name “Orbicular Ocean
Jasper.” The most common colors are greens and whites, with the less common colors of pinks and yellows
also appearing in some specimens.

Ocean jasper is one of the most collectible stones in recent times. Word that the mine is running out or
empty seems to be true, as quality specimens are becoming harder to find with each passing day. This
stones colors, patterns and shapes amaze and delight! It is another of nature’s wonderful masterpieces.

This stone is also known as the “Atlantis Stone” because it was found in the turn of the New Millennium under the ocean.

It seems to have mystic knowledge locked inside. When held, the stone brings out deeply hidden un-resolved emotional issues, and has a soothing and nurturing effect about those issues.

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Selenite Charge Plates in their Natural form

Selenite charging plates in their natural state.
In order to vibrate at their highest capacity, your crystals need to be cleansed and charged. That’s where a Selenite Charging Plate can come in handy.
Selenite is unlike any other crystal. It doesn’t need to be charged, and it will amplify the energy of all crystals set upon it. Before 2004, gypsum was thought to only exist on Earth. Then, it was confirmed that gypsum dune fields existedon the surface of Mars as well. Maybe that’s why its energy feels so out of this world!

Natural state of selenite.

The pure, high vibrational energy of the Selenite healing properties is like liquid light. It has the ability to cleanse, purify and align you with your highest potential. It shifts your aura and energetic vibration to attune you with a higher energy.

Low vibrational energies attract negativity on the same level. Raising your vibration is essential to keeping feelings of grief, fear, anger and anxiety out of your mental and physical space.
If you’ve been doing a lot of work with crystals during times of stress or emotional turmoil, don’t forget to release that energy from them using Selenite.
Selenite evokes protection from the angelic realm, helping to dispel all negative energy from the body and mind. It is known to bring deep peace and mental clarity. This Selenite Charging Plate will magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them. Combine them with other crystals to amplify the desired intention, or try creating a rainbow plate by setting a series of colorful tumbled stones along the tile. Get creative!
This energy field is amplified in it’s natural form.  This is why we chose to carry only natural plates of selenite.  The act of cutting and polishing the selenite which is destined as a charging plate decreases its energy.  We select the plates which are removed from the Earth in their natural state.  By simply holding these plates a sensitive individual can feel the difference.
Setting Your Intention:
To activate your Energy Muse crystal, sit quietly, holding the crystal in both of your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for your crystal. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. The crystals are listening and ready to carry your intention.
Cleansing Your Crystal:
Although Selenite does not need to be cleansed as often as other crystals, we still like to cleanse them from time to time:
1. Place your crystal outside under the sun or full moon (Selenite loves to be under the moon) for at least 4 hours.
2. Immerse your crystal in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until it begins to radiate.
To activate your Selenite Charging Plate, sit quietly, holding your crystal in both hands. Breathe in the highest white light and visualize your intention for your crystal – give it a job! Feel the calming and soothing energy fill your entire body. State your intention aloud. Your crystal is now ready to use.
When you take off your jewelry each night, place your pieces atop your Selenite charging plate over night. Place your crystals and tumbled stones on top of it to cleanse and clear their energy. You can also use these plates to create a crystal grid, as the selenite properties will amplify the power of your grid.
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Yes we have it. Both faceted and rough. Even those not usually sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy of Moldavite because it’s undeniably powerful. Wearing, or simply holding, a piece of Moldavite can produce many interesting and instantaneous reactions and experiences including that of heat flashes and emanating heat in general, that can not only be felt by the wearer, but those around, energy jolts, and vibrations throughout the day.

It’s not a power to play with though, as since it’s vibration is so high, one not used to such exposure can find themselves feeling quite drained, as your vibrational energy quickens to catch up to match it.
Moldavite is a definite and powerful Chakra opener and activator, particularly resonating with the Heart, 3rd Eye, and Crown Chakras. Although its energy tends to first move to wherever it is most needed in the physical and etheric bodies, it will settle and center in the heart.

Moldavite is a great stone to work with on a personal and collective level in your healing work, practices, and meditations. Its transformative qualities, begins a process of energetic resonance throughout one’s entire being, thus raising the vibration.

There are many benefits of this stone, and exposure to it, including, activating the dream state when worn while sleeping, helping one to acclimate to the Earth plane environment if feeling not part of this world (especially in the case of Star Children), helps foster a deeper level of compassion and understanding for the human realities of the physical plane, aids in expansion of consciousness and rapid transformation in one’s life-aiding the release of those things that do not serve one’s highest path, visionary experiences, increased clarity, vibrational raising of both yourself and the Earth, energy cleansing, strengthens, aids in self discovery and enlightenment, cosmic and crystal consciousness, expansion, and even contact with interdimensional energies, and the list goes on…

It is considered the only known gemstone of “extraterrestrial” origin (not of this Earth) and is associated with the Star card of the Tarot. But most importantly, it is a direct link to the Heart Chakra.

Please visit Spirit of the Earth Located in the Heart of the Historic River District of Downtown Ft Myers.  The city where something fun is happening every night!

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Thoughts create vibrations throughout the universe, which makes setting intentions a powerful tool for achieving happiness and well-being. Having a clear purpose provides us with insight into our aspirations, dreams, and values. It also helps us live in the present moment instead of being caught in negative thought patterns. Intentions are like magnets. They attract what will make them come true. Setting an intention is a powerful tool for achieving happiness. Crafting an intention starts by setting goals that align with your values, aspirations, and purpose.


1. Decide what matters to you. Your values drive the actions in your life, and you’ll need to recognize what truly matters to you if you want to find fulfillment.

2. Explore areas of your life that need an upgrade. Consider how you can improve your relationships, career, social life, spirituality, health, and community.

3. Be specific about what you want and why.

4. Bring your intentions to life. Certain rituals will ask you to write them down. Make sure you write them in the present tense, as if they’re happening now, and affirm only what you want.

You should also write down your goal, the end result of what you wish to manifest. Put feeling into it!

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Buying that first Crystal

I get this question a lot.   “I am just learning about crystals and minerals. How do I know which crystal is right for me?”

Crystals come in many shapes, sizes, colors and qualities.  On entering a shop which sell crystals it can be very intimidating.  No one wants to look confused, or overwhelmed with their purchase, it’s a very personal occasion.  Your purchase begins before you even enter a shop.

Decide in your mind your budget.

Mull over in your mind what purpose this stone will fulfill.  Is it to decorate your home or office?  Is it for meditation?  Or are you looking to start a modest or large collection of crystals and stones?

Invest in a book on crystals and minerals.  Most written periodicals contain factual information.  I’ve seen some wild things on the internet with manufactured stones, made up names, and made up qualities.  Over the years we have witnessed stones grown in a back room of a building, items glued together, plastic stones, and many others that simply defy logic.  If a seller discloses these qualities to you that is fine.  The problem comes when they don’t.   It is not unusual for a rock to be dyed to make it more attractive to consumers.  But it needs to be disclosed to the buyer.

Make a visit to the crystal and gem shop.   Nothing is more important than evaluating your item first hand.  Buy from a reliable seller.

View the variety of crystals they have available.  Ask questions about qualities and variety.  Most crystal shop owners enjoy discussing their product line.  Many of the items that Spirit of the Earth sells, we know the person who pulled it from the Earth!

If you see a crystal that catches your eye hold it in your Hands.  Walk about with it.  How does it make you “feel”?  Some customers report a vibration, a warm feeling, a feeling of happiness and calm.   This may be “their stone”  Some stones invite you to gaze deep within them as you investigate their inner phantoms, healing marks, their various features that tell the story of their “life”   Yes, crystals do live, grow, break and heal themselves.  Some bend to nature and some overcome obstacles.  No wonder we as humans invite them into our lives?

Once you have chosen your crystal, be it a point, a cluster, a huge specimen or a tiny pocket crystal be certain to place it in the perfect spot in your life.  This life partner deserves to interact with you and your family.  It has tales to tell!